Trump’s Mexico wall begins in California

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Trump begins building his Mexico wall in California

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced the  construction of a border wall replacement near downtown Calexico, about 190 km east of San Diego in the state of California.

It’s the first border construction project contract awarded by the President Donald Trump administration,  aside from eight different prototypes of border wall that were built near the Otay Mesa border crossing San Diego.

The Trump administration told U.S. Congress last month that it wants 18 billion U.S. dollars over the next decade for the initial phase of a U.S.-Mexico border wall.

The California project  covers an area from approximately the Calexico West Port of Entry extending westward beyond the Gran Plaza Outlets, which includes around 2.25 miles of all-weather roads, according to a statement released by the federal agency.

A wall in this area was built in the 1990s out of recycled scraps of metal and old landing mat, and the El Centro Sector wall replacement is one of Border Patrol’s highest priority projects, said the CBP statement.


The construction of a more substantial replacement wall will better ensure the safety of agents and the public and create a better atmosphere for business and commerce, while enhancing overall border security, the statement added.

Half of the around 3,300-km border between the two nations would have a border wall or other fences by 2027 if the work was completed.

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