U.S. military base in Afghanistan attacked

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U.S. military base attacked in Afghanistan
U.S. military base attacked in Afghanistan

A huge explosion at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, the largest U.S. military facility in the country, has killed at least four people.

At least 14 others were wounded in the blast. The Taliban said one of their suicide bombers carried out the attack.

The attack is being seen as a major security breach in one of the best protected places in Afghanistan.

The bomb reportedly exploded inside the base, which if confirmed, would be the first attack of its kind.

Attacks on Bagram have occurred in the past but insurgents have never made it past the compound’s outer walls.

Bagram, just north of the capital Kabul, has been used as the main military base and airfield by the U.S.-led forces and Nato over the past 14 years.

A local government spokesman was quoted as saying the attacker entered the base early in the morning on foot hidden among a group of workers reporting for duty.

It is believed that Bagram is a heavily guarded military base with many layers of security and protection.

The outermost layer is guarded by Afghan forces and second and more inner layers of security are guarded by U.S. forces.

High walls, security cameras, and watch towers on the outer perimeters and inside the base are just some of its formidable security measures.

A surveillance balloon also watches the entire area.

Every person entering the base is searched, in many cases escorted, and must have a pre-arranged meeting with someone inside.

The security measures serve not only to protect military personnel on the base, but also to safeguard expensive state of the art military tools, including fighter jets and unmanned aerial technology.

U.S. presidents visiting the country fly into Bagram, one of the most heavily guarded places in Afghanistan, because it is seen as more secure than landing in Kabul.

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