Uganda troops to pull out of CAR

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Seleka militia group in Central African Republic
Seleka militia group in Central African Republic

The Ugandan troops fighting the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) will retreat from the Central African Republic in May.

The announcement to withdraw was made by the commander of the Ugandan contingent at a meeting with the local authorities in the city of Obo, where they are based in East CAR.

By May, the Ugandan troops will begin to withdraw from the cities of Nzako, Sam-Ouandja, Banagui and Bakouma located in the eastern part of neighbouring CAR.

The commander of the Ugandan troop expressed satisfaction with what his country has done in cracking down on Joseph Kony.

“We have weakened LRA, reducing it to less than 150 men.

“Although Joseph Kony has not yet been arrested or killed, we are happy with the work being done.

“The Ugandan government has set the deadline for the withdrawal of the Ugandan army for May next year,” the Commander added without specifying the timing of the withdrawal process.”

The Ugandan soldiers were deployed in 2009 in eastern CAR, following an African Union resolution to fight LRA soldiers who fled Uganda to find a safe haven in the CAR, where they committed abuses against civilians.

Meanwhile, the withdrawal is a source of concern for the inhabitants of the areas where the LRA remains active.

Since post-conflict CAR lacks an operational army, at a time when the American soldiers deployed in the area to crackdown on the LRA have also announced they are leaving.

Source: APA

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