UN Security Council visits South Sudan

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Gerard Van Bohemen, President, United Nations Security Council
Gerard Van Bohemen, President, United Nations Security Council

By Hawa Lawal

(dpa/NAN) Gerard van Bohemen, New Zealand’s Ambassador to the UN and President of the Security Council for September, on Friday, said members of the Council left New York on an official visit to South Sudan.

He said that the Security Council members would from Friday through Monday, spend time in South Sudan and in Addis Ababa in neighbouring Ethiopia.

van Bohemen said that the mission was an indication of the Council’s concern at the state of political insecurity in South Sudan.

He noted that the Security Council would express strong support for the UN mission in South Sudan and highlight the need for the mission to fulfill its mandate to protect civilians.

In August, the Security Council decided to boost the UN mission by 4,000 additional troops to be deployed from regional countries, but South Sudan rejected the measure.

Renewed clashes broke out in the war-torn country between government and opposition forces, during which dozens of civilians were killed and hundreds of others, including foreign aid workers, were raped mainly by South Sudanese government forces.

UN peacekeepers stationed in the capital Juba have been accused of failing to prevent the violence. (dpa/NAN)

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