Vehicle owners move against security brutality

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Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria (VOAN)
Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria (VOAN)

By Taiye Elebiyo-Edeni

Mr Odo Okoko, the National President, Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria (VOAN), said the association was putting place modalities to advocate for the right of vehicle owners against brutality by law enforcement agencies.

Okoko told the that the association was an umbrella body that would advocate for vehicle owners’ right and seek justice for them.

According to him, many vehicle owners have suffered extra-judicial killings or mob actions by villagers residing along the major highways in the country.

He said that some vehicle owners in time past had come under seige as the various authorities had imposed all manner of laws, taxes, tariffs and sanctions against them without seeking the association’s input.

The VOAN president said that the association was formed to ensure safety, protection and fight for the right of its members.

“Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria is a generic membership organisation made up of all professionals and an umbrella organisation for all vehicle owners in Nigeria that advocate for vehicle owners right and justice.

“It is the principal agency of the organised vehicle owners unions in Nigeria both public and private sector that have taken up the responsibilities of enforcement and vindication of victims.

Okoko said that the association was putting in place effective legal and moral structure toward curbing human right abuses of its members in the country.

He also condemned the move by the National Assembly to pass a bill on operations of NGOs in the country.

Okoko said that NGOs should be independent of government’s control because they served as watchdog for good governance by checking excesses in government.

He said that the National Highway Sanitation and Commuters’ Safety Bill 2018 before the National Assembly would be used to back up the activities of the association.

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