Video: Deadly Nipah virus carried by bats kills 11 people

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====A Technical Working Group on Tobacco Taxation has urged the Federal Government to exclude tobacco companies from benefiting from the Export Expansion Grant, and other incentives.

The group, led by the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, explained that the move would reduce tobacco-related diseases and deaths in the country.

====The Jigawa Government says it has spent N28million on the procurement of improved seeds for sale at subsidised rates to farmers, ahead of the 2018 farming season.

Alhaji Muhammad Lana, the General Manager, Jigawa Agricultural Supply Company, said government had acquired certified rice, sorghum, maize, beans, sesame and groundnut seeds from various agricultural institutes in the country for sale to farmers at affordable rates.

===The Police Special Fraud Unit (PSFU) says it has arrested 400 visa applicants with fake documents at various embassies in the country.

The unit’s Public Relations Officer, Mr Lawal Audu, said the suspects were arrested between January and March at the British High Commission, America, Italian and French embassies.

According to Audu, 50 of the suspects have been charged to court, while the others are being investigated.

===At least 11 people have died in India after contracting the rare Nipah Virus, a deadly bug carried by bats.

The development has raised concerns that the virus could spread given that it has killed more than 260 people in Malaysia, Bangladesh and India since 1998.

According to the World Health Organisation, the disease has a mortality rate of nearly 70 per cent.

====Georgia’s democrats have given Atlanta lawyer, Stacey Abrams, a chance to become the first black female governor in American history.

Abrams set new historical marks with a primary victory that made her the first black nominee and first female nominee for governor of either majority party in Georgia.

====Arsenal have appointed Unai Emery, former Paris St Germain coach, as the new manager to succeed Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal’s Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis said Emery, 46, played exciting and progressive style of football that fits Arsenal perfectly.

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