Yemen: 40 killed in Army camp suicide attack

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Suicide Bombers. Photo source:
Suicide Bombers. Photo source:

By Ifeanyi Nwoko

Suicide bomb attack on army training camp in Yemeni city of Aden kills at least 40 people, aid officials say.

According to BBC, a training camp or compound used by the pro-government Popular Resistance militia, was hit, reports say.

The attack comes amid a fresh push to end Yemen’s 17-month-old war between Saudi-backed government and rebels.

The UN says more than 6,600 people, mainly civilians, have been killed in the fighting.

It is unclear who was behind Monday’s attack, though bombings in the southern port city are often carried out by militants from al-Qaeda or so-called Islamic State (IS).

Medical sources speaking to Agence France-Presse said the death toll was at least 60, but this has not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the government and rebels have responded positively to a new Gulf-backed initiative to end the conflict.

The plan, announced last week by the US, calls for the withdrawal of Shia Houthi rebels from the capital, Sanaa, and talks on forming a unity government.

The rebels said they were prepared to restart negotiations, provided the Saudi-led coalition stopped attacking and laying siege to territories held by them.

Source BBC.

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