Brexit: Talks hit rock for umpteenth time

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European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker greets British PM Theresa May prior to a crucial Brexit meeting
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker greets British PM Theresa May at the crucial Brexit meeting

Talks to enable Britain exit the European Union (EU), popularly known as “Brexit” ended on Monday in another deadlock in spite “significant progress” made on key outstanding issues.

The Brexit talks which took place in Brussels saw negotiators inching close to an agreement before it got stuck on issues concerning the Irish border.

The Irish boarder had become the complex and historically sensitive issue that had emerged as a final stumbling block.

But after talks over lunch, British Prime Minister Theresa May and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said some issues remained unresolved.

Both said they were confident of an eventual deal soon that would allow talks to progress to a future trading relationship.

Juncker said that despite “significant progress” made in recent days, “it was not possible to reach a complete agreement today.”

May said meetings had been “constructive” but differences remained on a “couple of issues.” May said she remained confident an agreement could be reached in the coming days.

The EU has stuck firmly to three demands: that Britain pay a substantial “divorce bill,” that rights of European citizens in the UK are guaranteed and that there is no reinstatement of a border infrastructure between Northern Ireland, which will leave the EU with the rest of Britain in March 2019, and the Republic of Ireland.

Substantial progress on the first two issues was made last week but wrangling on the Irish border continued through Sunday night and into Monday.

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