Czech elects Babis as new Prime Minister

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Czech Republic newly elected Prime Minister Andrej Babis
Czech Republic newly elected Prime Minister Andrej Babis

Czech Republic has elected populist billionaire candidate Andrej Babis as the country’s Prime Minister after his party won the general election.

The 63-year-old Babis is the country’s second-richest man and campaigned on an anti-establishment and Eurosceptic platform.

Results from more than 99.9% of electoral wards gave his centrist movement ANO (Yes) almost 30% of the vote – three times its closest rival.

The centre-right Civic Democrats and the far-right SPD came second and third with more than 10% each.

Turnout was a little over 60%.

Mr Babis is now set to become prime minister after coalition negotiations.

The 63-year-old is estimated to be worth $4bn (£3bn), making him the country’s second richest man but he has also faced numerous scandals including a fraud indictment and accusations he was a communist-era police agent.

It is not yet clear what the composition of the next government will be. Mr Babis said he will negotiate with all parties.

But ANO’s current coalition partner, the ruling centre-left Social Democrats (CSSD), saw its share of the vote tumble to become the sixth-largest party, and has talked down the possibility of another coalition.

The Civic Democrats have also ruled themselves out of governing alongside Mr Babis.

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