Mexicans downcast over Trump’s victory

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Donald Trump

Democrats gathered here for a “Hillary Clinton Victory Party” in a popular BBQ joint.

But Donald Trump’s historic upset win for president over Clinton sapped their enthusiasm.

Americans in the audience say they’ve always felt welcome in Mexico, even as Trump unleashed tough talk about America’s southern neighbour, calling Mexican migrants “rapists” and robbers.

He promised to build a border wall.

“They don’t blame us for Trump,” said Rosa Baum, a San Francisco native, working in Mexico with a human rights group. “They’re often expressing empathy.”

Jennifer Long, a teacher from Kansas, recalled positive attitudes toward Americans in Mexico during the Obama administration.

“I’m nervous because I never thought the American people would vote for someone that is … anti-everyone,” Long said.

Trump’s strong performance appeared to cause alarm in the Mexican government.

The newspaper Reforma reported the country’s foreign minister Cluadia Ruiz Massieu left her election war room for an urgent meeting in Los Pinos, the president’s residence.

The country’s central bank and finance ministry have called an early press conference in an attempt to calm financial markets – and the population at large. The peso had already fallen nearly 10% in 2016 prior to election night.

Analysts say there are few good options for the Mexican government, though Bank of Mexico governor Agustín Carstens told Milenio TV there are contingency plans.

“The government can’t really do anything at this point but wait,” said Esteban Illades, editor of the Mexican magazine Nexos.

“I think the entire country is shocked,” Illades said. “We thought they were more responsible.”

Some took to Twitter to express worry for the country – and world.

“A civilized and democratic world will have to once again confront EVIL,” tweeted Mexican historian Enrique Krauze, a Trump critic.

“Once again, with blood, sweat and tears, it will be defeated.”


Source: USA Today

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